Children Parliment

Children Parliment Activities

Children Parliament as novel strategy adopted to develop democratic values among children. In India, 71 children Parliaments have been formed in 2012. Totally 276 children parliament are functioning.
They were motivated through regular meetings, trainings and input sessions. The children also feel responsible and have taken up number of social issues and addressing the same through Panchayat president and other Government authorities.

Training On Children Parliment

Training on children parliament was organized for the member children in the target districts. 83 children participated in the training programmes. Experts were invited to handle the sessions. Leadership given to the understanding of children is explained with appropriate reference in leadership.
The trainings helped the members to appreciate the role of children parliament in bringing about a social transformation and motivated them to take active part in the children parliament activities.

Education On Child Rights

Rights of children were very much concentrated in this year. In particular their rights to education and healthy living were very much promoted in this reporting year. The children in the target areas were educated on the four rights of the children – Right to life; development, participation and protection were taught to children. There are many kinds of abuses still being triggered on children and it is very much emphasised in various programmes organised for the welfare of children in distress.

Children's Holiday Camp

The holiday camps are held to keep up the cheer of children during their vacation. There were different holiday camps organized at various places. More than 930 children participated in such camps and developed interpersonal skills.

Child Line

Child Line

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