Social Action

DMI Social Actions

Rights based issues have also been identified and federations have brought into light the mal-practices in the civil supplies shops, integrated child development centers and in the implementation of National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS).

Women in DMI Women Federation in Poomparai, Kodaikanal were deprived of proper payment in MGNREGS offered by Government. 300 SHG members organized a strike demanding justice to 250 affected women. The right payment was offered immediately. This was widely published in all the dailies.

Women group leaders fought for a Fair Price Shop at Thirisulam, in Kancheepuram District, since the shop is far away from their village. Labor Minister Mr. Anbarasan and the District Collector Mr. Shan Mizra came to the spot to solve the problem. Now, the fair price shop is run well. Similarly, in Salem, Thiruvallur and other districts SHG women challenge as a matter of their Rights using Right based approach.
DMI Women federation members protested on transport issues and liquor shop run in the main area. On heeding to this, the District Collector and the Thasildar Attended the matter immediately shifting the liquor shop away from the Public places to elsewhere. This was again widely disseminated in all the dailies.

Women's Voice

In pudukottai district the DLF have an achievement to narrate. Long pending issues of transport service to school students, lack of SHG building, Ration shop are almost settled in Keezhapaluvanch by the collective effort of DLF. But nothing was heard.
Hence, the DLF decided to go on a strike procedurally following all statutory norms declaring strike on 21st of December 2010 to be held in Keezhapaluvanch. As the district collector and DSP were informed earlier they reached our DLF office bearers on 20th for peace and dialogue with peace making committee headed by Thazhildhar, District civil supply officer, RTO, local Panchayat president, VAO and federation leaders. The peace making committee strongly promised that these pending issues would be settled very shortly and asked the federation executives to stop protesting on the next day. DLF of Pudukottai also trusted them and gave up the strike on a condition that if these are not settled within a month, they would get back to strike again.

Succeed The Need Of Transport

Nagappattinam district Karunkanni PLF leaders were demanding to provide transport service to Mahili village which is very much used for the school children and village people to come to the town of Nagapattinam. This is the first time they get bus service to Mahili.
After long struggle 64 women of Sivagangai district Manavikottai Panchayat PLF Members met the District collector on 23rd of May 2011 and presented a petition for transport facilities. The district collector assured that it would be looked in to very seriously and kept his words taken steps to provide transport amenity to the village.

Participating In Grama Sabha Meeting

The pictures reflect the participation of women in Grama Sabha meeting in all the Districts. In all our DMI Project Districts, women participated and expressed their views for availing all privileges of the Panchayat such as Water, Road, Street light, and Anganwadi school etc.

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