Wholistic Development


“To see the world Fully Human and Fully Alive and to create a world where love, peace, equality and justice ensured to all”


“Committed to love and serve the poor and the marginalized, especially women and children, to enable them to get their legitimate share in the socio, economic and political development.

Aim & Objectives
  •  To organize the marginalized poor, so as to help them to realize the power of collective strength and to address the socio-economic issues.

  •  To reach out to the un-reached villagers and to provide basic awareness and social education

  •  To facilitate Women’s Developement through collective strength forming women’s federation as a political force.

  •  To promote income generation activities, helping women to become economically independent

  •  To address various social problems and find solutions through collective actions of the people

Target Groups

We are fully focused to develope the Following Group Member's Education,Development,Community health etc.

  •  Marginalized women

  •  Dalit families

  •  Tribal families.

  •  Families below poverty Line

  •  Deserted Women

  •  Widows

  •  Disabled

  •  Street children

  •  Abandoned children/deserving children

  •  Victim of Social evils

Development Program
  •  Promotion of Self Help Groups (SHGs)

  •  Promotion of Women Federations

  •  Development Trainings

  •  Economic Development Activities

  •  Micro-Credit Programme

  •  Social Security Scheme

  •  Community health programmes

  •  Community development activities

  •  Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)

  •  Human Rights Activities

  •  Children Parliament Activities

  •  Development Publications

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